Receive money from Payoneer
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If you want to receive your money from Payoneer, your first move should be registering in the amazing Takenos App to receive deposit instructions to complete the transaction. Once you have created an account, you can continue reading this article ;)

Note: Payoneer charges 2% each time you transfer it to another service and that transfers are Bank Transfers in the United States, so money should take between 1 or 2 days to get to Takenos.

  1. Log in to Payoneer

  2. Click > Bank and Cards

  3. Pay to a recipient’s bank account → Manage recipients accounts

  4. Ir a add Bank Account

  5. In "Enter Bank Details" select the currency

  6. Add the following data on "Recipient’s Business Details"

  7. Then go to “Enter account details” and paste the following bank information:

    1. Bank Name: Other

    2. Bank Name - Other: Metropolitan Commercial Bank

    3. Account Holder Name: Arex Activos Digitales S. A.

    4. Account number: 7801000870

    5. Routing number: 026013356

    6. Account type: CHECKING

  8. Great Job! Payoneer will take approximately 15 minutes to validate the account. Take some time to work, drink a cup of coffee or play some Tetris :)

  9. Once your account is approved, go to Pay

  10. Click "Pay to recipient's account"

  11. Complete the “Payment details” form with the correct amounts. On "Payment Reference" paste the reference number of your Takenos account. You can go to the app and copy this information.

    IMPORTANT: Don't forget to complete the Payment Reference field.

  12. Done! From now on you wont need to complete all of the steps from above. Only the payment part. Dont doubt to send your doubt or feedback via Whatsapp Takenos: Join our Discord Community!

¡Thank you!

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